Van Conversion: Week 2

No news to report on the window other than it is still leaking. No news to report on the weather other than it is still raining. Conclusion: no possibility of repair as of yet. But there is always next week! Nevertheless, slow progress has turned into fast progress and Tina is looking fresh. Although, we […]

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Van Conversion: Week 1

Slow progress would be the best way to describe this week. As Harry’s father said ”Wasn’t your time after work in Imperia and Marseille meant to be for planning how to do all of this?”, we realised we probably should have done a bit more of that and a bit less of eating cheese and […]

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The First Post

Has this blog has been a long time coming? You could say since 2004 when Harry and I first met at school in Herefordshire but that would perhaps be over the top. You could say since 2012 when I wanted to start a blog to be like Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill because she […]

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About Us

We are two old friends from school, now a couple, who were reunited by a Superyacht in the Mediterranean, and have chosen to upturn work for now to convert, live, and travel in a Ford Transit van. Harry, 22, is from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and Susannah, 24, is from a tiny weeny village in Herefordshire called […]

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