Marsciano to Tewkesbury

Miles: 2564 Total Mileage: 18,354 Bits of the van that fell off/broke: 3 Birthdays in the van: 1 Early ‘Christmas day’ celebrated: 1 Gilet Jaunes protests crept through: 2 Jamon Ibericos snuck back to England: 1 Impulse buy PS4s bought: 1 Total number of countries visited: 16 Vague Route: Marsciano – Italy Siena Parco Nazionali […]

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Cluj-Napoca to Marsciano

Miles: 1275 Total Mileage: 15,648 Stowaways: Mr. John Pitcher (Pa) Extremely hot chilli peppers eaten mistaken for a sweet pepper: 1 Suspicious Slovenian cars circling the van: 1 Old friends seen: 2 New friends met: 2 Vague route: Cluj-Napoca – Romania SΓ‘rvΓ‘r – Hungary Budapest Szigliget Lake Balaton National Park Zagreb – Croatia Ljubljana – […]

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Chernobyl is one of those outlandish and surreal places that is very hard to describe accurately. There is also the feeling you get whilst walking around the villages, towns, and the power plant where the explosion took place, that you can’t quite put your finger on. It is easier to convey the desperation but also […]

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Russia ep. 2

Miles: 3963 Total mileage: 13,253 Visits to Ford garages: 1 Drunk Russian men trying to hit the van with a crowbar: 1 Police stops: 2 Vague route: Khygat – Mongolian border crossing Ulan Ude Lake Baikal Uyar Chany Kurgan Ufa Samara Lipetsk Troyebortnoye – Ukrainian Border crossing Exhausted and overwhelmed from a week driving in […]

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