Bergen to the Atlantic Ocean Road

Miles: 396

Total mileage: 2248

Weasel sightings: 1

Fish caught: 1 (Pollock)

Wing mirrors smashed: 1

Highest altitude: 4750 ft

Vague Route

  • Bergen
  • Somewhere on the Fv55 in Jotunheimen National Park
  • Geiranger
  • Farstadssanden

map 2 copy

This is the first section of our route taking us to the beginning of ‘the slow road to the North’, the Kystriksveien, or the Fv17, the main coastal route in Norway and supposedly one of the World’s most scenic roads. However, just getting to the beginning of it from Bergen was unbelievably beautiful. Every corner you turn you can’t believe that the scenery will get better but somehow it does. It is impossible to tire from seeing fjords, waterfalls, forests and mountain passes, every one is slightly different and magnificent in its own way. Norway, you sure are a pretty one.

BBQ boy – without him I would be malnourished



Where Sognefjord and Jotunheimen National Park meet – the Fv55/53 road

Dalsnibba – a viewpoint 4750ft above the Geirgangerfjord.

Ferry crossing from Geiranger up the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt

Farstadssanden – the most northerly of the ‘southerly type’ sand dunes (and a very cold atlantic swim).

The Atlantic Ocean Road – seven bridges connecting small islets with one fishing bridge, the Myrbærholmen bridge. Either side of the road are walkways that you can fish off. We sadly only caught a tiny pollock for our lunch, everyone else seemed to be catching gigantic salmon…

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