Copenhagen to Bergen

Days: 5

Miles: 883

Total mileage: 1852

Moose sightings: 1

Deer sightings: 2

Weasel sightings: 1

Vague route:

  • Copenhagen – over the Øresund Bridge to Malmö, Sweden
  • Tvetervann lake (Norway)
  • Oslo
  • Flatsjå fjord
  • Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)
  • Bergen


For those familiar with ‘The Bridge’, the Scandinavian television murder mystery, I paid homage to the show by making sure we arrived in Copenhagen for the night of the Season 4 and series finale, and driving over the Øresund bridge to Malmö. Tina is obviously not as classy as Saga Norén’s Porsche but I got the biggest goose bumps of my entire life as ‘Hollow Talk’, the theme tune, was blaring from our speakers as we crossed over the middle of the bridge and into Sweden. Long live Saga, Martin and Henrik.

We had a gander in Ikea, our sole experience of Sweden on this trip, but we had the meat balls and Diam cake, stocked up on Ikea ‘essentials’ aka stuff you don’t need at all but may come in useful one time, and pressed onto Norway.

The solar shower has its first use – Tvetervann lake

Vigelandsparken sculpture park in Oslo – 200 stone and bronze figures by Gustav Vigeland set in a beautiful park called Frognerpark in the suburbs. Oslo is such a cool city! Very lively but small enough to feel calm at the same time.

Borgund Stavkirke – built around 1180

Flatsjå fjord

Priekestolen, Pullpit rock, a 600m high plateau that overlooks Lysefjord. We began the short but steep 3km hike at 9:30pm and arrived at the top at 11pm. We camped overnight in what looked like a lovely squishy grassy patch only to awake at 3:30am, for the sunrise over the rock, to dense fog and the grassy patch’s transformation into a bog.

We spent two nights in Bergen to do some serious route planning for the rest of Norway. There is an amazing fish market, Fisketorget, where we stocked up on hot and cold smoked salmon which we sparingly have a sliver of at lunch each day.

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