Tewkesbury to Copenhagen

Days: 9

Miles: 969

Hitch hikers: 1, Jim ‘Melonsmasher’ Edwards

60 amp fuses broken: 2

Stroopwafels consumed: too many to count

Vague route:

  • Tewkesbury to London, UK
  • Harwich ferry crossing to Rotterdam, Holland
  • Westzaan, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Fedderwardsiel, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germnay
  • Ronaes Strand, Denmark
  • Copenhagen, Denmark


Holland –

Our pal Jimmy, who we worked with on Eclipse, luckily ended a yacht delivery in Holland and is now lodging with his girlfriend and family in Amsterdam. We took the opportunity to go and see him, meet Janouk, shower, and have a gander in Amsterdam and the neighbourhood canals with a local.

P1000450P1000454p1000457.jpgP1000471p1000465.jpgWhatsApp Image 2018-06-26 at 11.55.32

Germany –

After persuading Jimbo to come with us for a road trip we headed for Hamburg. Overnight stop in Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer National park (Jim sleeping in tent) and then onto Hamburg (Jim sleeping on van floor).

P1000482P1000488P1000491P1000492P1000501P1000503P1000506DCIM101GOPROGOPR1351.JPGDCIM101GOPROGOPR1408.JPGDCIM101GOPROGOPR1378.JPGDCIM101GOPROGOPR1367.JPGWhatsApp Image 2018-06-30 at 12.15.26

Denmark –

Still not being able to wild camp we stayed in an amazing site on Ronaes Strand (Jim sleeping in hammock). The canoe had its second outing, this time in the north sea fjords, swimmable for British and baltic for South Africans. Then onto Copenhagen (Jim sleeping back in the tent, his preferred of the three sleeping methods).


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