For someone who doesn’t like reading it’s strange that I actually really enjoy writing. Technically I am not the best but I will try. Full disclosures now, if you hate bad punctuation and grammar, do not bother reading this. Most people love adventure  if you do I think you will enjoy following Susannah and I. We are about to embark upon a journey across two continents and over twenty countries, to and from Mongolia. A lot of people have asked me why? And what is the point? So I will try and answer it for you, starting from the very beginning. If you would like to see the route to Mongolia click here.



When I was much much younger I would move a small mattress around the house pitching up and making camp wherever I liked. Why I did this I can’t tell you but I loved it. As I grew up my brother and I would go off making bases around the farm, one of our first is the one I will always remember. In one of the crop fields there is a small island of trees and bushes and one summer holiday the plan was to dig a trench in it. Armed with a rucksack containing a trowel, pocketknife, other tools and essentials, our Ray Mears bush survival book, sandwiches and squash.


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After the first hard day of toil we had a hole no bigger than thirty centimetres across and about up to our ankles. Due to it being summer the ground was like rock. The next day we went up with a milk container full of water to soften the soil which did not help much. Still determined to dig the trench we would go up most days. To our dismay after weeks of cut fingers, dirty clothes and many tantrums we had a hole that was only suitable to use as a latrine. We were on the verge of giving up, when in a nearby field there happened to be a digger installing a drainage pipe so we asked them if it was possible to dig our trench. They agreed. Once it arrived it took 5 minutes to dig a perfect trench 2 meters deep and 1.5 meters across. We put corrugated tin on top and added other creature comforts and called it home. To us it did not matter that we got a 5 tonne digger to help us, it was still an adventure and we could at last play.




After that summer I started at the first of two very free-range schools which I both loved and both taught me that university was a waste of time. Only joking, I decided that for myself. So after the second school I went to try and work on a super yacht in the south of France. After six months of day work and temporary jobs I had no permanent position. Disheartened I went home for Christmas. Days before I flew back out to start again I got a phone call from a boat I had previously worked on temporarily. They offered me a job which I could not refuse and I was as green as a gooseberry. I joined on the 15th March 2016 and left 14th March 2018. Two years of cruising and adventures in the Med gave me the motivation and by all means the money to at last go on a big adventure more worthy of writing about. What I didn’t know at the start of planning was that I would not be adventuring alone. I wrote the first draft of this in Cuba where Susannah and I were soaking up the sun and Mojitos after we had left our jobs and the boat. Adventure and travelling are a big part of my life as you can see so the answer to why I am doing this, in true adventure spirit, is why the fuck not!



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