A Van with a plan…lol i’m joking

We finally made it to Marseille, 24 miserable seasick hours and 3 vomits later, meaning we are one step closer to getting home to begin working on Tina. Right now she is just an idea in Harry’s and my head as despite detailed measurements done by Harry’s father and the photos we have, it is quite hard to make any definite plans or make any definite orders for materials. We just want to see the van ya know!?

Also due to the likes of Instagram accounts such as @project.vanlife and @dreambiglivetiny right now this imaginary van has everything under the sun in it, on it, and will be gracing the pages of these accounts monthly because it so gonna be so freakin awesome!! The two things I am positive of are that there will be a toaster onboard and that the van will not, I repeat will NOT have a ‘Home is where the van is’ cushion, curtain, sticker or picture anywhere on it or in it.

So for now we will share some fabulous sketches done by ourselves, the absolutely fabulous sketch by Harry’s dad and some photos so you can be as clued up as we are.

As you can see the van is a blank canvas, a blessing and a curse. Luckily we can use some of the existing structures like the shelves and the risen floor (will be risen higher to be the bed frame). Not too sure about the hand sanitiser dispensers being reused, maybe as alcohol dispensers for the bar or for the infinite Marmite stash I am taking. Suggestions welcome.

Specification wise it is a Ford Transit with a Long Wheel Base and Medium Roof, basically that it is longer so we have more space to live and that we can stand up without having to be constantly hunched over. There are thousands of websites and blogs around about Van conversions, praise the Lord, and the main components of a conversion are:

  • Electrics
  • Insulation
  • Power – in our case solar
  • Cladding for walls, ceiling and floor
  • Living areas – in our case kitchen and bed.
  • Storage
  • Final touches aka making it Instagram worthy

For the van to be classed as ‘Motor Caravan’ insurance wise the DVLA state you have to have certain features:

  • A door providing access to the accommodation
  • A bed – minimum of 6 feet
  • Water storage
  • Permanently fixed seating and dining area
  • Permanently fixed storage
  • Permanently fixed cooking facility
  • At least one window on the side of the accommodation

Soooo, if you combine all of that, abracadabra, you have a converted van. So easy right?!!?!? *nervous laughter*

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