The First Post

Has this blog has been a long time coming?

You could say since 2004 when Harry and I first met at school in Herefordshire but that would perhaps be over the top. You could say since 2012 when I wanted to start a blog to be like Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill because she was full of teenage angst and wicked. Maybe from the time I had my first Caipirinha on an after A Levels holiday to Portugal with my main gals (shout out to Rhegan White for buying me the best cocktail ever and igniting the love). Perhaps from the time I joined a Superyacht in Monaco and Harry, whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to for about 10 years, so happened to be the deckhand onboard. Or maybe since those times we drunk the bar dry night after night of Cachaça in Tivat, Montenegro and were like ‘Let’s make a blog about Caipirinhas!’. Or maybe from when Harry bought a Ford Transit Van and asked me to help convert it and drive to Mongolia. Who knows.

Despite its rocky ancestry I do know that this blog will be about Tina the Transit van and her blossoming into a fully fledged Motorhome. It will be about many more nights in search of the best Caipirinhas as we creep towards Mongolia, and it will be about the general jolly we have along the way. Hopefully it will better than the Peyton Sawyer fangirl ‘People always leave’ sketch-filled blog I would have made a long time ago but don’t hold me to it…

Peyton Sawyer, the legend

We are currently in rainy cold Imperia, Italy, waiting for good weather to sail to Marseille so the yacht can begin her shipyard period. This all sounds fairly fun but life on M/Y Eclipse or in the Superyacht industry doesn’t seem nearly as fun as cramming ourselves and cherished chosen belongings into a van and heading for the open road. We have 25 days and counting till we leave the boat and head home to meet Tina. I’m sure she is bursting with excitement.

So for the time being we will be posting plans for the van’s interior, possible map routes, and general van related stuff. Stay tuned.

Harry and Sus.

Harry and myself, mid Caipirinha tasting in Albania
Tina the Ford Transit van
Current home, M/Y Eclipse

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